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This agreement is in relation to the Testi Wo Ho diabetes promo. Program participants agree to the following terms: 

  1. The client agrees to purchase glucometer strips for GHS100 cedis
  2. mPharma will provide the following as part of the purchase of strips
    • Free Glucometer (applicable to initial purchase and enrolment)
    • Free Lancet Pack of 50
    • Free Diabetic Coaching (for three months until the renewal of strips)
    • Free HBA1C Test
    • Free Delivery for 2021
  3. mPharma will retain ownership of the glucometer until the client makes three purchases of test strips, each priced at GHS100 cedis
  4. mPharma can at any time retrieve the glucometer should the client breach the terms of this agreement
  5. mPharma will offer coaching through a nurse who will call weekly to check-in on the use of glucometer and offer any needed assistance
  6. For the purpose of the Diabetes Test and Treat program, mPharma will collect stories, images, and videos to promote the benefit of the program across its marketing channels.